Why Everyone, Including DSM Implementers Benefit from Meter Data Analytics

In this On-Demand Webinar, we take a deeper look at meter data analytics. Why do DSM Implementers benefit from meter data analytics? Bidgely has worked with over 30+ utilities and has helped utilities achieve higher energy efficiency savings, better customer targeting for programs and provided digital self-service solutions for customers. We help DSM implementers engage more deserving customers with their appliance upgrades, increase your profits, and show value of investment back to utilities. Bidgely’s analytics solution is performance-based so you only pay when results are achieved.

  • Don’t miss out on populations ripe for energy efficiency programs based on their efficiency level
  • Analyze SMB, C&I, and Residential AC and lighting loads
  • Monitor the performance load usage from retrofits to reduce post-job inspection costs
  • M&V every program, month to month: report the effectiveness back to utilities with more frequency and higher accuracy
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