UtilityAITM In-Depth: How AI Reveals Energy Shift Causation During COVID-19 Lockdowns

How are people spending their time at home during lockdown? And what can utilities see through energy meter data alone? In this on-demand webinar, Bidgely Vice President, Strategy & Growth Colin Gibbs, Strategy & Growth Manager Priya Aggarwal and Senior Product Marketing Manager Sophia Wen share data from one North American utility that is using Bidgely’s patented AI-powered UtilityAI platform to analyze how behavior has changed since the COVID lockdowns began and inform programs utility-wide. The discussion includes:

  • COVID-related behavioral energy changes
  • How to build resilient Demand Side Management programs
  • The value of appliance load disaggregation
  • Commuter vs stay-at-home customer insights
  • Energy load clustering on daily load curves
  • How utilities can leverage these insights and analytics to streamline and optimize operations during the pandemic