UtilityAITM Demo: Residential, SMB, Electrification, Decarb, Load Shaping, TOU Adoption, Call Center, Marketplace

Learn how leading utilities are using Bidgely’s UtilityAI solution. Perfect for program managers, data analysts, marketing and strategy teams who are looking for new ways to optimize their programs. Explore the solution in depth with Jeff Wahl, Bidgely’s Director of Strategy & Growth as he walks through the value of load dis-aggregation, using AI generated insights via Analytics Workbench (AWB), proactive alerts for DSM, Budget Conscious customers, and Behavioral Energy Efficiency, web and paper engagement channels and Call Center (CARE). In this on-demand webinar, wel share how our utility partners have achieved results and why they choose Bidgely.

  • Demand Side Management
  • Customer Targeting and Program Design
  • Residential and Small Medium Businesses
  • Proactive Digital Alerts
  • Digital Web Engagement
  • Call Center Customer Intelligence
  • Personalized Journeys for Electrification, Budget Conscious, Eco Conscious, Load Shaping
  • Utility Grid Planning
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