Unlocking Operational Outcomes, Digital Transformation, and Clean Energy Initiatives with AMI Data

*This session originally aired as part of Utility Analytics Summit in 2021.*

In this on-demand webinar, join Portland General Electric (PGE) SVP of Advanced Energy Delivery, Larry Bekkedahl, in conversation with Bidgely CEO, Abhay Gupta, as they discuss how the application of AI across AMI data supports utilities across key operational use cases, digital transformation, and clean energy initiatives. Pulling from the rich, customer-centric experience of PGE and the global innovations of Bidgely, this session highlights the application of AMI for:

  • Driving DSM goals, load shifting, and rate plan optimization
  • Achieving clean energy objectives, such as EV and PV adoption and decarbonization programs
  • Leveraging disaggregation-driven customer analytics to personalize customer engagement