Unlocking Expanded VALUE of Energy Efficiency

Traditionally, energy efficiency programs have focused on the adoption of energy efficient products. However, behavior‐based energy efficiency programs which rely on changes in decision making and changes in consumer habit have shown to provide added benefits, not just for energy savings, but also customer satisfaction. Customized usage reporting and recommendations create more opportunities to help your customers feel comfortable and in control of their homes, while reducing their energy costs.

In this session, we’ll explore the value of traditional EE programs, along with the added value of adding behavioral data based on customer actions. BPA has been a leader in testing and implementing Behavioral Energy Efficiency programs for more than ten years. You’ll learn about their current program, Section - Behavioral Home Energy Reports, and how you can get started with this initiative.

  • Home Energy Reports
  • Energy Disaggregation
  • Personalized Digital Alerts
  • Advanced Analytics Workbench Tools
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