NISC Partners With Bidgely to Drive Digital Transformation for Coop Members: Wake EMC - First NISC Member Adopting Bidgely’s CX Platform

In 2021, NISC partnered with Bidgely to upgrade and enhance its SmartHub platform in order to empower consumers with detailed breakdowns of their energy consumption by appliance and thereby provide personalized recommendations.

Wake EMC has been an early adopter of NISC’s new and next technologies and was the first member cooperative to implement NISC’s next-generation SmartHub solution enhanced with Bidgely insights.

The solution places more information and controls in the hands of Wake EMC's members, providing meaningful, appliance-specific and personalized education about kWh consumption to reduce high-bill call volume and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Download the case study to get more details about how Wake EMC is putting NISC’s Bidgely-enhanced SmartHub to work for its members.