NARUC Innovation Webinar: Aligning Electric Vehicle Customer Charging with Grid Needs

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are anticipated to grow rapidly in the next decade as policy and industry shift to decarbonize the transportation sector. The Biden Administration has signaled strong support for EV deployment, establishing the goal for 50 percent of all new light-duty vehicles to be zero-emission by 2030. Additionally, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, $5 billion of funding was allocated to support the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. As a greater number of EVs hit the road and charging infrastructure expands, a crucial consideration remains - how the power grids and distribution networks can handle the substantial increase in electricity demand. Managed charging, or smart charging, provides an opportunity to relieve stress on the grid by enabling demand-side flexibility, a feature that is particularly important for the overwhelming share of charging that is expected to occur at the residential level.

In this on-demand webinar, which originally aired as part of NARUC's (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners) Innovation Webinar series, the panelists explore the value of managed charging for the grid, utilities, and customers, and introduce solutions such as behavioral analytics, load shifting, and digital customer engagement to support grid-beneficial residential EV charging.

Commissioner Carolee Williams, South Carolina Public Service Commission
Maria Kretzing, Director of Innovation, Bidgely Inc.
Matteo Muratori, Team Lead - Integrated Transportation and Energy Systems Analysis, NREL
Joseph Vellone, Head of North America, ev.energy