Improving the Call Center Experience through Energy Intelligence with Bidgely & Salesforce

Bidgely UtilityAI insights are used by over 24+ million customers across the world to better understand their energy usage and make meaningful changes in their energy consumption behavior. We make sure no customer is caught off guard about where their energy spend is going and prepare them for future energy expenses due to weather, rate changes and behavioral shifts. So we’re excited to enable Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) using Salesforce Service Cloud with this intelligence at their fingertips so they can achieve higher customer satisfaction call ratings, reduced high bill call duration, and increase energy efficiency program adoption.

In this on demand webinar you’ll learn from Kelly James, VP and GM, Energy and Utilities at Salesforce Industries and Jordana Temlock, Director of Business Development at Bidgely as they explore the application of Salesforce across various utilities and how this has positioned CSRs as energy advisors. We’ll also discuss the future of utility call center investments and how system integrators have played a role in advancing new technologies and strategies.