Ensuring That All Communities Benefit Equitably from the Clean Energy Transition

The Equity in a Clean Energy Economy (ECEE) Collaborative is bringing together hundreds of diverse industry stakeholders to identify new approaches to address equity issues for at-risk communities during the transition to a more sustainable future. ECEE organizer Jamie Wimberly describes some of the Collaborative's latest initiatives and shares how utilities can get involved.

Increasing equity in programs related to the clean energy transition requires being deliberate and intentional in ensuring all communities are benefitting equally. For Pepco's Regional VP of External Affairs Will Ellis, that starts with listening -- hearing community concerns, understanding barriers to participation and thinking creatively about how to resolve challenges.

The transition to clean energy must also include a concerted effort to help coal communities successfully make the shift to an economy that can thrive without fossil fuel revenues. Ann Becker, VP of Sustainability at Arizona Public Service, talks about the dramatic impact coal plant closures are having on the communities in which they have long operated and how utilities and the federal government have a responsibility to take action to ensure these communities are not left behind. She details the multi-year commitment APS has made to ensure the Navajo and Hopi Nations are able to successfully transition from their reliance on coal to a renewable energy future as a model and a call to action for utilities nationwide.

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