Advancing the New US Administration’s Clean Energy Transition with UtilityAITM - A GTM and Bidgely Webinar

Imagine if you could hire a team member who knows everything there is to know about your customers -- their energy habits, preferences, demographics, history of interactions with your utility, and more. Beyond just understanding your customers at the deepest possible level, consider the possibilities if that team member could also quickly analyze how those customer insights impact utility operations organization-wide, including program participation, infrastructure operations and revenue generation. You’d want that team member to take part in every conversation and meeting in the company.

In this webinar you’ll learn how that additional bench strength is available today to help drive your business forward and make an immediate, meaningful and measurable impact on every aspect of your utility operations: UtilityAI. UtilityAI embodies the artificial intelligence made possible by millions of data points collected via gas and electric AMI and non-smart meters.The result is a utility asset with infinite capability to understand, design, relate, forecast and future-proof operations. We’ll be going through real customer examples of AI in practice from:

  • Data Science
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Digital Engagement
  • Marketing Automation & Intelligence
  • DSM Program Design
  • Grid Planning
  • EV Analytics