Advanced Rate Design with Analytics: A New Hampshire Electric COOP Case Study

New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) partnered with Bidgely to identify additional value for rate design in its AMI data. While many utility rates are designed to encourage customers to modify their behavior and shift energy use to lower cost hours (Time of Use rates), NHEC approached Bidgely with a different question. They wanted to determine whether there were existing segments of its member base (NHEC’s customers are members of the cooperative) that could be offered lower overall rates because their current time of use consumption was less expensive to serve.

They turned to Bidgely to transform their AMI data into customer energy use profiles upon which they could base their program. Through Bidgely's Analytics Workbench tool, the project was a success and uncovered multiple segments of its member population that used energy in a way that was less expensive to serve. Download to learn more.