Future Ready Insights: Higher Value EV Data

In the early days of EV adoption, DMV data served as a popular way for utilities to get insights about how many of their customers were EV drivers. But because DMV data quickly grows stale, it has become unreliable as adoption rates increase. Its lack of granularity also fails to provide the customer-level driver data that utilities really need for successful EV programs. The other common EV data source is telematics, in which data is harnessed from the vehicles themselves. This is a powerful data source, but because drivers have to opt-in to provide their data, the number of telematics data points is very limited. In this 1-minute video, hear from Maria Kretzing, Director of Innovation at Bidgely, about how smart meter analytics provide the broadest and most granular data set available to equip utilities with the higher value insights they need to target and engage with individual EV drivers in a meaningful and personalized way.