Future Ready Insights: Data-Driven Engagement to Maximize TOU Opt-In and Minimize Opt-Out

In this 2-minute video, Bidgely's Pauline Marcou explains how personalization can help utilities maximize the impact of both opt-in and opt-out Time-of-Use (TOU) rates.

Both options can be very successful. The key to both, though, is to provide customers with energy insights and help them transition to the new type of rate.

In an opt-in model, for example, customers need a little nudge. They need to understand the key benefits of that rate and why they should switch. These advantages need to be laid out in very clear, relevant and personalized messaging.

When you look at an opt-out model, on the other hand, providing customers with insights and energy intelligence reduces the chance that they opt-out of the rate. It is very important to help them understand how their usage is impacting their energy costs on the new rate, as well as how adjusting their usage of specific appliances could cost them less.

Energy intelligence and appliance level insights help maximize customer participation in TOU rates, whether the program is opt-in or opt-out.